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 Since 1998

Heard stories of animals hurt or dying when traveling by airplane?

We offer a safe and proven alternative for pets relocating anywhere in the world

 Since 1998

“Thanks to Emily! I would say my happiest moment was when I saw Kyra and Bentley for the first time here in Canada after their long trip from Costa Rica. Definitely priceless!! We are very thankful with you for taking so seriously this big move! As you may know, they aren’t just pets, they are family and we were very nervous with all this process but thanks to you, they are now here!”

–Jose y Luz Marcella

World Pet Travel

“Couldn’t have been happier with the services of World Pet Travel. Angela and Tara were amazing in making sure everything was handled so that Shade made it to Johannesburg safely. There was so many details that we would have missed had it not been for their guidance. So thankful we found this company!”

–Carrie Simpson

World Pet Travel - Pet Relocation Services

“Moving to another country can be a handful to say the least. With 3 small children and 2 pets it is even crazier than we ever thought it could be. We weren’t sure about letting someone else handle our babies, but finally decided we couldn’t do it all and hired a company that came highly recommended. We did our due diligence and considered other companies as well, but after many long nights and a lot of back and forth we decided to use WPT. This was the BEST decision we ever made! Absolutely worth every penny! Tara was in continuous contact with us and helped me keep my sanity when things got crazy. I truly feel that she cared about making sure I had as little as possible to worry about when it came to the pets. Our 2 dogs made it safely to Australia without even one hiccup! Thank you so much Tara! You are truly a blessing to our family!!”

–Sarah Mackey

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Despite the fact that our owner and consultants have transported their own furry family members both domestically and internationally for the last 20 years and UNDERSTAND pet transportation from your perspective?

Move Your Pet the Safe and Stress-Free Way!

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#1 Reason To Call World Pet Travel

Successfully moving our own pets, multiple times, we know how complicated and emotional this can be for your family and your loved ones. Who better to help than someone who truly understands the costs and complications of your pet relocation process?

#2 Why Choose Our Services

When we say Move your pets the safe and stress-free way we are Walking in your shoes, we know what you want…your babies to be safe and stress-free throughout the pet transportation process. You want whoever is in contact with your family pets to treat them as you would from start to finish, an extension of you in your absence. We get it!

#3 How Does This Help You?

You can be assured that your beloved family pets will be taken care of in VIP style so you can focus your energies on the other important aspects of your relocation process. With pet-friendly agents hand-picked in countries and airports all over the world, we know the person that will be in contact with your pet during travel.

#4 Why Trust Our Company?

Our company is referred by the most experienced and reputable airlines, veterinarians and companies in the world. In addition licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and certified by International Air Transportation Association (IATA) in Live Animal Regulations (LAR) in the safe handling of Live Animals. Following government and Animal Welfare regulations for transporting your pets ensures their safety and well-being throughout their travel experience. As members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), we are supported by a network of amazing pet specialists around the world.


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Discover why World Pet Travel is the most trusted name in worry-free pet relocation since 1998.


Want to learn more about our adventures with pet transportation?  Check out our blog!

Japan to USA

Tips & Tails Tales from World Pet Travel Pet Travel, who knew it could be so complicated...They are happy being with us in the hotel, finally reunited. Thank you for all your help getting them here we greatly appreciate your patience. Leslie Previous Posts...

Tennessee to Canada

“When relocating our Blue Heeler Puppy to Canada, we quickly realized the process was more complicated than we had imagined. After learning the major airlines require a professional and accredited firm to handle the process, rather than allowing...

Costa Rica to Israel Pet Travel

Hi Angela, I'm with Maya, finally! She arrived in Tel Aviv from Costa Rica yesterday. I wanted to thank you for all of your patience and help! Warmest regards, Alex...

Costa Rica to Arizona Pet Travel

Hi Angela!!! I just wanted to tell you that I just picked up the cats and they are ALIVE!! I so appreciate your wonderful coordination with this whole process!!! I wouldn't change a thing in the future if I had to do it again.... except that I would not worry at all,...

Big Pet Move-21

                Wow and double wow! Angela's team pulled off the unimaginable! Our 21 babies to Costa Rica safely. Amazing!!! Fellows, never tell your wife that something is impossible, because when Ruth began to put forward the idea of our family moving to CR, I...

Want to hear more about pet adventures?  Check out our blog!

Our Bentley Costa Rica to Canada

Thanks to Emily!! I would say my happiest moment was when I saw Kyra and Bentley for the first time here in Canada, that’s definitely priceless!! We are very happy to have our babies with us, they are now resting a lot, exploring all the house because everything is...

Dallas to Frankfurt

Steve had to wait a bit for Duke to travel and meet up with the family so they could find a home that would accommodate their family and this very large baby! Duke is now in Germany with his military family. Very happy to report all is well in Germany with Duke!

Oklahoma to Belize

You would THINK going south from Oklahoma to get to Belize in Central America would be the shortest route, but not when your transporting a VERY large dog, let along 2. Boomer and Groot took the long way to get to their new home due to their size and breed. We drove...

Emotional Support Scam

Due to ongoing abuse of the law implemented to aid disabled passengers traveling with service animals Delta Air Lines  is implementing new rules for the so-called emotional support pet owners. Because untrained dogs/cats/horses/ pigs/turkeys/ducks are showing up at...

Toothless Dogs

Toothless dogs are not as helpless as we thought. I've been transporting pets for 20 years this month and have had dogs my whole life, I thought I knew it all. Much to my dismay, I found out today that I do not.....Our 8yr old Chihuahua, Mini-Cooper, had his remaining...

Bird Flu-England

The Great Britain government has imposed a national Avian Influenza Prevention Zone throughout England after being alerted to a large scale wild bird death, confirmed to be a result of the European strain of the avian influenza virus H5N6  The outbreak, which happened...

Sea Turtle in Costa Rica

A group of Texas investigators found this sea turtle off the coast of Costa Rica. This girl is one of the lucky ones. Not all are this fortunate. This is all to common a problem with our sea creatures. Help the helpless. Use PAPER STRAWS ONLY!

Poisons for Pets at Christmas Time

Great food and treats abound this time of year. Don't make the mistake of sharing that great food with your pets. What we consider to be treats can be extremely dangerous to your furry family members. 1. Grapes and raisins-Some dogs will eat one or two grapes and...

Boston to Costa Rica

Cindy has waited all week to be reunited with her 4 babies after having to leave them in the care of World Pet Travel in Boston this week. They were finally reunited tonight in Atenas Costa Rica. This does our heart good and the reason we do what we do!

Japan to USA

Tips & Tails Tales from World Pet Travel Pet Travel, who knew it could be so complicated...They are happy being with us in the hotel, finally reunited. Thank you for all your help getting them here we greatly appreciate your patience. Leslie Previous Posts...

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