Pet Travel Experts-Worldwide

World Pet Travel is moving pets around the world with our pet travel experts every day. With travel agents in most countries around the world, there is not many places we don’t reach. Assisted by caring pet travel experts our pets truly fly first class, pets travel safely. In addition all import and export requirements are met. Therefore your little ones (or big ones) are handled with tender loving care.worldMap

Working in unison we satisfy each requirement prior to departure, so there is a smooth transition for every member of your family.  In pet travel it is imperative that your pet move be handled with proficiency and expertise.  With 20 years of experience, we are able to accomplish this with every pet move. Whether your pet is flying around the corner or around the world.

Our Pet Travel Experts

Our Pet Travel Experts are located in over 190 countries. To name just a few of the more popular destinations…..United Arab Emirates, France, UK, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Belgium, Austria, South Africa, Singapore, China, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, Switzerland, Thailand, Israel, Venezuela, Czech Republic. Understand this is just a short list of the many places we can assist in your pet travel.

Around the corner or around the world, World Pet Travel can relocate your pets to any location you want to go!