Angi and Cooper 2009 I never dreamed my love of animals would evolve into an international business of pet transportation around the world.  Working in veterinary hospitals and emergency pet clinics throughout the years definitely helped! It afforded me the knowledge necessary, not only to care for my own creatures, but those that I now transport. It has also  allowed me to continue in a profession that is close to my heart.

Pet Transportation Beginning

In 1998 I organized my first pet transportation for,  Criseyde to Stephanie and their family in California.  Criseyde is gone now, but Stephanie and I remain friends after all these years.

Shortly after that, I was introduced to a couple of missionaries in Haiti.  Dixie and John are Niki in Haitiblessed to be part of an orphanage called God’s Littlest Angels. Up in the mountains is where they care for abandoned babies and toddlers.  Our first international pet transportation was to Dixie and John. Nikki (Akita here) and Penny (Great Dane) were trained to secure the nursery and other children in their care.

Although my pet transportation efforts in Costa Rica opened in early 2000 started under a different name, Guardian Angels Costa Rica, organizing pet transportation actually began before my last son was born in 1998 when we still lived in the USA. We now have several offices and continue to grow.

Friends Around The World

Over the years, I’ve made great friends through worldwide pet transportation of all kinds of creatures.  At every port in the US and almost every country around the world we have agents/friends to assist us. These great people we work with are both caring and knowledgeable in the processes of their country’s import/export regulations.

Most of our pet owners become friends and we keep in contact with many. This is why we consider those that move with WPT part of our family!