Why Use A Pet Transportation Company For Your Pet Shipping Needs?

various-cats-group-isolated-white-57259020Pet shipping can be very daunting for a family traveling across country or internationally. The number one reason we hear from our clients, “I want to be sure everything is done correctly when my baby arrives in the new country, they won’t go into quarantine and there won’t be any problems with documentation.” Our second most common reason is “Convenience.” Families are traveling either before or after their little ones or may just have too much on their plate, so they need a little help transporting Fluffy to ease the transition to their new home. There are many different reasons to hire a professional to handle a complicated pet relocation, however the best reason,it will alleviate all uncertainty or problems along the way.

Why Choose World Pet Travel?

World Pet Travel has completed 1000’s of pet shipments since 1998. JUST LIKE YOURS! We understand this may be the first time you have moved with a little one, as this is how the majority of our families start out. Our experience is laced with years of handling import/export regulations of 193 different countries as well as working with airlines and government agencies all around the world.

All of our Pet Shipping Consultants are pet owners and can identify with your concerns. This is only one of the reasons we take care of your pets as we would one of our own.

589f6cf0ebab23190cb06bf7d2314f66What Will We Do For You?

We will handle all details of your pets shipping process so you can relax and focus your energies on other important aspects of the move.  No matter your destination, or how many 4 legged kids you have, we are here to help!

Following IATA rules and regulations for transporting your pets insures their safety and well-being throughout their travel experience. World Pet Travel is licensed by the USDA and certified by LAR in the safe handling of Live
Animals. As members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association IPATA, we are supported by a network of amazing pet travel specialists around the world to assure the best care for your pet at every port.