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Dallas to Frankfurt

Steve had to wait a bit for Duke to travel and meet up with the family so they could find a home that would accommodate their family and this very large baby! Duke is now in Germany with his military family. Very happy to report all is well in Germany with Duke!

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Oklahoma to Belize

You would THINK going south from Oklahoma to get to Belize in Central America would be the shortest route, but not when your transporting a VERY large dog, let along 2. Boomer and Groot took the long way to get to their new home due to their size and breed. We drove...

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Emotional Support Scam

Due to ongoing abuse of the law implemented to aid disabled passengers traveling with service animals Delta Air Lines  is implementing new rules for the so-called emotional support pet owners. Because untrained dogs/cats/horses/ pigs/turkeys/ducks are showing up at...

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Toothless Dogs

Toothless dogs are not as helpless as we thought. I've been transporting pets for 20 years this month and have had dogs my whole life, I thought I knew it all. Much to my dismay, I found out today that I do not.....Our 8yr old Chihuahua, Mini-Cooper, had his remaining...

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Bird Flu-England

The Great Britain government has imposed a national Avian Influenza Prevention Zone throughout England after being alerted to a large scale wild bird death, confirmed to be a result of the European strain of the avian influenza virus H5N6  The outbreak, which happened...

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Sea Turtle in Costa Rica

A group of Texas investigators found this sea turtle off the coast of Costa Rica. This girl is one of the lucky ones. Not all are this fortunate. This is all to common a problem with our sea creatures. Help the helpless. Use PAPER STRAWS ONLY!

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Poisons for Pets at Christmas Time

Great food and treats abound this time of year. Don't make the mistake of sharing that great food with your pets. What we consider to be treats can be extremely dangerous to your furry family members. 1. Grapes and raisins-Some dogs will eat one or two grapes and...

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Boston to Costa Rica

Cindy has waited all week to be reunited with her 4 babies after having to leave them in the care of World Pet Travel in Boston this week. They were finally reunited tonight in Atenas Costa Rica. This does our heart good and the reason we do what we do!

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Dog Skunked

HAVE YOU BEEN SKUNKED? WHAT TO DO IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOUR PET DO NOT bring your pet into the house to prevent carpeting, curtains and furniture from absorbing skunk odor. Before examining the pet for wounds, put on a pair of rubber gloves because skunks may carry...

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Yulin Dog Rescue

We are working with a small group of individuals in China and the US to rescue dogs that were scheduled to be boiled and eaten during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in June. If you haven't heard of this tragic event, watch this youtube video to learn more. Yulin Dog Meat...

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