Why World Pet Travel?

Our owner and consultants have transported their own furry family members both domestically and internationally for the last 20 years and UNDERSTAND pet travel from your perspective!!

#1 Reason To Call World Pet Travel


Successfully moving our own pets, multiple times, we know how complicated and emotional this can be for your family and your loved ones. Who better to help than someone who truly understands the costs and complications of your pet relocation process?


#2 Why Choose World Pet Traveldownload

Walking in your shoes, we know what you want…your babies to be safe and stress free throughout the pet transportation process. You want whoever is in contact with your family pets to treat them as you would from start to finish, an extension of you in your absence. We get it!


589f6cf0ebab23190cb06bf7d2314f66#3 How Does This Help You?

You can be assured that your beloved family pets will be taken care of in VIP style so you can focus your energies on the other important aspects of your relocation process.  With pet friendly agents hand-picked in countries and airports all over the world, we know the person that will be in contact with your pet during travel.

#4 Why Do We Trust World Pet Travel?


World Pet Travel is referred by the most experienced and reputable airlines, veterinarians and companies in the world.  In addition licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and certified by  International Air Transportation Association (IATA) in Live Animal Regulations (LAR) in safe handling of Live Animals.

Following government and Animal Welfare regulations for transporting your pets ensures their safety and well-being throughout their travel experience. As members of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) we are supported by a network of amazing pet specialists around the world.

World Pet Travel can relocate your pets to any location you want to go!

Our goal, to be Reliable-Respected-Recognized by our owners.

Pick up the phone and call 855.OUR.PET.2