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Looking for the best pet moving service for your loved ones?

Are you in search of a pet moving service to alleviate the stresses of an upcoming move? Look no further! With over a decade of pet shipping experience, our pet relocation specialists know best how to support you in this time of transition. World Pet Travel provides both domestic and international door-to-door pet travel service from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

Read how others have made it through their moves on our testimonials pages. World Pet Travel guarantees this same quality of service and attention to detail for each client.

Whether your pet relocation is due to a new job or relocation for another reason, World Pet Travel strives to reconnect you with your pets with the least amount of stress and worry for your family. Every detail is meticulously organized by experienced and compassionate pet travel specialists. From the proper kennel sizes to the pet travel tips our agents will guide you every step during the process of your pet relocation.

Convenience should not be the only reason to choose a pet transportation specialist. Knowing that every detail is being handled with expertise and precision is an even higher priority. Seeking the assistance of a pet relocation specialist can assure you peace of mind.

To receive an estimate from one of our pet relocation specialists, complete our online estimate form. Allow our pet travel specialists 24-48 hours to contact you to discuss the particulars of your move in detail or provide a comprehensive estimate of services.

*TAX TIP-Pet moves are tax deductible

According to the IRS Publication #521, “Moving Expenses” states that a pet move is tax deductible. You can deduct the cost of shipping your household pets to your new home. Consult your tax preparer for more information and details of itemization.


World Pet Travel has the capability to transport English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs domestically within the Continental United States!! During cooler months we are able to transport internationally to some countries.


If you are asked to send money via Western Union or Money Gram, you are probably being scammed!!!!


We have been remiss in not writing to you sooner to thank you for making the arrangements for our travel to our new home in Abu Dhabi. Having never traveled by air before we were excited, but Mom and Dad were nervous about us traveling alone. They needn’t have been. The men who picked us up at our home in Virginia were very nice. They made certain we got to the airport on time and that our paperwork was in order. We had a relaxing layover in Frankfurt where we were met by some friendly people who took us to a wonderful facility where we had something to eat and drink and time to play and rest before catching our flight to Abu Dhabi.


From the first contact to the last, we felt like Angela not only had the knowledge [vast] but also cared deeply. Without her help, we could never have taken our precious, trained service dog with us and my health would have suffered. She patiently explained that what we thought was the international procedure was wrong. She was able to correct this while facing really tight time frames. A true gift and resource at a reasonable price!